Meet the Bloggers: Team Madewell

Cece Arnold – Buffalo, NY
Super intern
  • My passion growing up was Irish dance
  • I eat candy in color-order, saving the best for last
  • I can’t pass a pooch without petting it. Seriously.
Alice Bucaille – Paris, France
Art director
  • I love ringing my bike bell excessively
  • I play a mean air harp
  • I’ve been eating pasta every Sunday night for the past 30 years–a family tradition.
Gigi Guerra – Fort Worth, TX
Resident buzzmaker
  • I once made a dress entirely out of toast and wore it out to a club
  • My right knee still aches from a stage-diving injury at a Morrissey concert in high school
  • Artificially blue food fascinates me
Jessica Hodgson – Sacramento, CA
Merchandise maven
  • When I was a kid, I was set on being a meteorologist after seeing Twister
  • Soon after getting my license, I accidentally drove a car into my house.
  • I'm a rock star when it comes to arranging furniture hyper-efficiently
Khira Jordan – Los Angeles, CA
Whipsmart writer
  • As a kid, spelling out “antidisestablishmentarianism” was an obnoxious hobby of mine
  • I’ve tried wallaby, but have never gotten around to the hamburger
  • I broke my humerus when I was 12. (It wasn't funny.)
Kin Ying Lee – Grimsby, England & Sha Tau Kok, Hong Kong
Head designer of all things Madewell
  • I have a real fear of dried fruit
  • At university, there was a month where I very nearly switched my major from fashion design to carpentry
  • I once spilled wine on Margaret Thatcher when I was working as a silver service banquet waitress
Kendall Meade – Detroit, MI
Word writer and bad joke-maker
  • I once wrote Duran Duran a 16-page fan letter
  • My music documentary addiction is very strong (I'd even watch one about Yanni)
  • I wrote a song when I was 12 called "It's Rainin' on My Surf Shorts"
Lauren Romo – Albuquerque, NM
Marketing wizard
  • I’m very seriously addicted to cereal
  • I cannot and will not eat mayonnaise
  • A successful weekend, to me, is one that involves a dance-off
Christina Saratsis – From all over the globe
Associate stylist
  • I have a superhuman sense of smell
  • My lifelong goal is to visit all 227 inhabited Greek islands
  • I once drank a whole bottle of ketchup through a straw without stopping
Lisa Schulner – Miami, FL
Stylist extraordinaire
  • I feel oddly connected to Shirley Temple
  • My family calls me Pizza (as in "Lisa Pizza")
  • I once watched Kin (our head designer) eat the eyeball of a fish
Taunya Woo – Olympia, WA
Professional people-person
  • I was named after one of my cousins’ 4th grade classmates
  • I’m an NHL devotee
  • I probably eat candy in my sleep

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