Meet the Bloggers: Our Contributors

Brittany Weinstein–Los Angeles, CA
Producer at Extra! and founder of style blog I Wanna Be Gwyneth
  • My favorite food is rice.
  • I’ve only ever seen one scary movie.
  • I went to sailing camp on Orcas Island.
Cristina Black–Brooklyn, NY
Singer-songwriter and entertainment editor at Foam Magazine
  • I play the ukulele and surf (not at the same time).
  • I can’t really wear flats.
  • I won my middle school lip-synching contest doing “Copacabana.”
Emily Hsieh–San Francisco, CA
  • My secret fantasy job is to be a florist.
  • I’m big on small luxuries, like Marvis toothpaste.
  • I’ll never pass up pasta Bolognese if it’s on the menu.
Fiorella Valdesolo–Brooklyn, NY
Style and culture writer
  • My first and last name together mean “little flower in the valley of the sun.”
  • I was born on Friday the 13th—in October, no less.
  • In eighth grade, I was voted Most Likely to Be on Beverly Hills 90210.
Sam Turner–Brooklyn, NY
Chief Concierge for Soho & Tribeca Grand Hotels
  • I’ve never met a ’90s dance party I didn’t like.
  • I have a skin-tight Heineken dress–that I actually wear.
  • On my to-do list: learning the dance moves in Ciara’s “Ride” video.
Sarah Z. Wexler–Portland, OR
Freelance writer
  • Yes, I've had cookie dough for breakfast.
  • I'm the author of Living Large and Awful First Dates.
  • I depend on nail art to curb my nail-biting ways.
Svetlana Legetic – Washington, DC
Owner of Brightest Young Things, an online lifestyle magazine
  • I’m 30 years old and I don’t know how to drive.
  • I’ve never in my life played basketball or worn heels.
  • I’ve known all the words to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” since I was 10.

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